Business World, December 04, 2023

An exclusive interaction of our CEO & MD with Business World

Our CEO and MD, Arun Krishnamurthi was featured in a recent article by Business World on the apprehensions of Indian Business Leaders about the benefits of Generative AI. He commented about the plausible causes for concern such as ethical implications and data security issues, and emphasized the need to refine Gen AI apps and implement innovative business models to unlock the revenue potential of Gen AI.
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hrkatha, October 31st, 2023

Exclusive Interaction with our CHRO, Mr. Hrishi Mohan

In a recent interaction with HR Katha, our CHRO, Hrishi Mohan, underscored the pivotal significance of talent retention in service companies.He sheds light on how retaining top talent not only bolsters an organization's capacity to execute projects successfully but also serves as a testament to their expertise, which in turn, fosters the acquisition of more contracts and new clients.
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Outlook India, September 28, 2023

Exclusive Interview with Shashidhar SK, Group CFO- AXISCADES

In an interview with Outlook India, AXISCADES Group CFO, Mr. Shashidhar SK, emphasizes our pursuit of industry-leading profitability and digital transformation by leveraging IoT and AI.He highlighted our commitment to innovation through strategic partnerships with Cantier and the acquisition of add Solutions GmbH. Additionally, He also discussed our pivotal role in the semiconductor industry, expediting chip development and outlining our expansion plans. Furthermore, he acknowledged the remarkable FY23 growth in the aerospace, defense, and automotive sectors, resulting in our highest-ever revenue.
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Bombardier, September 18, 2023

AXISCADES is recognized by Bombardier as Diamond Supplier 2022

It is with pride and joy, we announce that AXISCADES has been awarded BOMBARDIER's prestigious "Diamond Supplier 2022" award, for the third consecutive year.This recognition is evidently a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and delivering with the highest standards of quality.
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Outlook Money, September 1, 2023

In Conversation with Shashidhar SK, Group CFO, AXISCADES

IIn an Outlook Money interview, Our CFO, Mr. Shashidhar SK, discussed Q1FY24's strong financial performance, debt refinancing success, and India's semiconductor prospects amid the US-China chip conflict. He also highlighted the acquisition of Add Solution GmbH for automotive sector expansion and the growth of global captive centers in India due to a skilled workforce.
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Smart Money - Angelone, August 31, 2023

An Exclusive Interview with Shashidhar SK, Group CFO, AXISCADES

In a recent interview with AngleOne, our Group CFO, Shashidhar SK, highlighted the company's upward trajectory. Emphasizing a strong client base and strategic positioning, he attributed Q1FY24's revenue surge to sectoral diversification and operational excellence. He discussed the Heavy Engineering division's digital-first approach, aligned acquisitions, robust automotive growth, and debt reduction through refinancing.
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Dalal Street Investment Journal, August 29, 2023

An Exclusive Interview with Arun Krishnamurthi CEO & MD, AXISCADES

In a recent interview with Dalal Street Investment Journal, our CEO & MD Mr.Arun Krishnamurthi, sheds light on the company's robust performance in Q1FY24, highlighting key contributing factors. The interview delved into the company's strategic success, attributing it to diversified sector performance, effective operational efficiency, and prudent cost management. He also touches upon the defence sector's significance, the competitive landscape, strategic priorities, and the potential impact of the semiconductor business opportunities.
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Bengaluru, August 22, 2023

AXISCADES Strengthens Global Automotive Footprint through Acquisition of add-solution GmbH

AXISCADES announced today that it has completed the acquisition of add-solution GmbH, a German company specializing in automotive design and development with deep domain expertise in services such as Electrical Distribution System engineering, testing and software development, wiring systems, component engineering, and automation for global automotive OEMs.
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BQ Prime, July 11, 2023

Our CEO & MD, Mr. Arun Krishnamurthi’s interaction with BQ Prime

Our CEO & MD, Mr. Arun Krishnamurthi discussed the completion of debt refinancing, strong growth in FY23, tremendous potential inherent in our focus sectors such as semiconductors, embedded software, and digital technologies and the outlook for the upcoming quarters of FY24
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Manufacturing Today, July 7, 2023

India: The Epicenter of Global Automotive Industry R&D

The Manufacturing Today as a part of its July Edition, quoted our CEO & MD – Mr. Arun Krishnamurthi in the article discussing how India becoming a thriving destination for automotive R&D
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ET-Now, June 30, 2023

An exclusive interaction of our CEO & MD with ET-Now

Our CEO & MD, Mr.Arun Krishnamurthi in an exclusive conversation with ET NOW speaks about our historical growth in FY23, our recent acquisition of add solution GmbH - a German company specialised in automotive solutions, the immense potential in defence & semiconductor sectors owing to Mistral’s integration & future growth strategies.
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Dalal Street Investment Journal, April 18, 2023

In Conversation With Dalal Street Investment Journal

Our Group CFO, Mr. Shashidhar SK, shares his views on our company’s growth across verticals, the impact of the acquisition of Mistral, our order book, strategic priorities of our company and our priorities in the short to medium term.
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Hyderabad, February 20th, 2023

AXISCADES and Mangal Industries, an Amara Raja Group company sign MoU for strategic partnership

Today, Mangal Industries Limited, a part of the Amara Raja Group, entered into a strategic partnership with AXISCADES Technologies Limited. The MOU covering engineering, digital, and manufacturing collaboration was signed by Mr. Harshavardhana Gourineni, Director, Mangal Industries and Mr. Arun Krishnamurthi, MD and CEO of AXISCADES.
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CNBC- TV18, February 16, 2023

CEO & MD Arun Krishnamurthi in conversation with CNBCTV18 about Q3 FY23 results and aspiration to improve Margin to 18% in the next 3 years

Watch our CEO & MD, Mr.Arun Krishnamurthi in an exclusive conversation with CNBC-TV18 speaks about our strong Q3 FY23 results and performance. He discusses about company's outlook in different verticals & geographies and strengthening our portfolio in Defence sector.
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The Economic Times, January 12, 2023

Eye on Cyber security as cars go smart

The Economic Times as a part of its extensive coverage of the event Auto Expo 2023, quoted our CEO & MD, Arun Krishnamurthi in the article discussing about cybersecurity and the importance of securing the cockpit.
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INDIAai, December 29, 2022

Forecast 2023: How will AI be transforming the automotive industry in 2023?

Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly significant aspect of the automobile industry, propelling cars to levels previously unimaginable - from anticipating maintenance difficulties to making roadways safer for everyone. As a result, automotive titans are leveraging AI to optimize procedures and improve security while reducing costs and manufacturing time.
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ET Now Swadesh, December 26, 2022

As part of the series of media engagements, our CEO & MD speaks exclusively with ET Now Swadesh

Following our recently concluded acquisition of Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd and the renewal of the Airbus contract, our CEO and MD, Mr.Arun Krishnamurthi talks to ET Now Swadesh about the strengthening of portfolio in the Semiconductor and Defence sectors, and the company's outlook in different verticals and geographies.
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CNBC- TV18, December 23, 2022

An exclusive interaction of our CEO & MD with CNBC – TV 18

In conversation with CNBC-TV18, our CEO & MD Mr. Arun Krishnamurthi speaks about AXISCADES's strong performance and growth trajectory, owing to the recent completion of Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd acquisition and AIRBUS contract renewal.
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CNBC-TV18 - Awaaz, December 23, 2022

Our CEO & MD, Mr. Arun Krishnamurthi’s interaction with CNBC-TV18 - Awaaz, on recent developments of Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd acquisition and Airbus contract win boosting our earnings & margins.

Our CEO & MD, Mr. Arun Krishnamurthi elucidates how the latest Airbus contract, together with integration of Mistral's competence and niche capabilities in the Defence and Semiconductor sectors, further bolsters our current double-digit growth in Aerospace.
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December 23, 2022

AXISCADES Technologies Ltd. Completes Acquisition of Mistral Solutions

AXISCADES announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leader in Semiconductor, Embedded Electronics, Defence and Product Engineering capabilities.
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December 20, 2022

AXISCADES Technologies Ltd. renews contract with Airbus for engineering services

AXISCADES is proud to announce that it has been selected for the fourth time by Airbus, a global leader in the aerospace industry, to provide engineering services for product design and development and plant engineering for all Airbus aircraft programs. This contract extension includes niche engineering services for product development and plant engineering across the Fuselage & Wings division, covering different locations and divisions.
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CEO Insights, November – 2022

“Top 10 CEOs in Automotive – 2022”

Our CEO & MD, Mr. Arun Krishnamurthi engages in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights, where he speaks about his personal & professional experience in Automotive industry and shares his insights on key business challenges, industry trends, market behaviour of Automotive sector and the steps being taken by AXISCADES to position itself in the leadership zone.
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CNBC- TV18, 16-11-2022

Strong Q2 FY23 & H1 FY23 results with growth across all segments

In an exclusive conversation with CNBC-TV18, our CEO & MD, Mr. Arun Krishnamurthi speaks about our robust Q2 FY23 & H1 FY23 results, synergies through acquisition and future growth strategies.
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Spiceworks,10th November 2022

AR & VR Transforming the Automotive Industry

The entire end-to-end process for automobiles, including design, production, sales and even marketing, will be significantly impacted by AR and VR technology. The adoption of augmented reality and virtual reality is accelerating at great speeds transforming the Automotive Industry.
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Manufacturing Today,11th November 2022

Industry 5.0: Humanizing Industrial Revolution

Industry 5.0 makes use of innovative and smart devices, systems, automation & materials. This involves big data, collaborative robots, smart sensors, IoT, emerging AI etc. Software applications will remain to be the basis for improving user experience, implementing new technologies, and achieving digital manufacturing.

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Business World, 1st November 2022

AXISCADES is Embedding Profits And Upgrading Potential

The promise of Industry 4.0 is an industrial revolution that will employ information from the virtual world to drive intelligent action in the real world. From 3D printing to robots, it is ushering in a whole new era of innovation that can only trickle down to the end-users when the OEMs get it right.

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September 19, 2022

Bombardier awards AXISCADES with Diamond Supplier 2021 Certification

AXISCADES is proud to announce that we have been awarded the "Diamond Supplier 2021" certification by BOMBARDIER for the second consecutive year. This distinctive certification recognizes our commitment and our team’s exceptional efforts towards excellence, innovation and continuous improvement processes.

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Mointoir de Bretagne, 05th April 2022

AXISCADES Strengthens its Global Presence – Inaugurates Office in Montoir de Bretagne, France

The new office will enable AXISCADES to provide effective engineering services to its partners and customers in France, as well as accelerate responsiveness to cater efficiently to the increasing customer demands and its diversification plans in the region.

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AutoCar Professional, 05th April 2022

Role Of Metaverse And Confluence Of Technology Driving The Automotive Industry

Our CEO and MD, Mr. Arun Krishnamurthi shares his insights with AutoCar Professional, on how concepts of Metaverse and confluence of technologies are set to drive customization, enhanced customer experience and safety.
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CEO & MD Article on Efficient Manufacturing Magazine, 28th March, 2022

Design to build - The science of aircraft engineering

Advances in technologies, such as AI, are helping various sectors adapt to the changes effectively, and the aerospace sector is no different. The article elaborates on how aerospace manufacturers use AI, ML and other associated technologies and how they can be applied effectively.
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CEO & MD Interview with Overdrive Magazine, 17th March, 2022

Vehicle Safety and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) : Global vs Indian market

The automotive industry is one of the most dynamic industries and it is experiencing an industry transformation. with new security and safety features being introduced and incorporated. Today, what was once considered to be a luxury - safety features such as airbags, ISOFIX mounts, sturdy structural integrity, driver assistance features, etc.
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Bengaluru, 07th Feb 2022

Airbus selects AXISCADES as EMES3 partner

AXISCADES & AAA awarded as Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Services Strategic Suppliers (EMES3) Preferred Supplier by Airbus
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Bengaluru, 06th Jan 2022

AXISCADES appoints Shashidhar SK as CFO, further strengthens its leadership team



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Bengaluru, 09th Dec 2021

AXISCADES Appoints Arun Krishnamurthi as MD and CEO



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July 12, 2021

Bombardier awards AXISCADES with Diamond Supplier 2020 Certification

AXISCADES’ excellence in performance, competitiveness and commitment to continuous improvement recognized with prestigious...
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February 26, 2021

Engineering the Quality, Speed & Cost of Manufacturing

AXISCADES carefully understands all the clients' predicaments; is an integral part of clients' project teams to deliver fruitful long-term results...
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February 03, 2021

AXISCADES and VRM partner to supply Simulators for Jet Trainer Aircraft

AXISCADES and VRM have signed an Industrial Cooperation Agreement for design, build and supply of Simulators for the Jet Trainer aircraft....
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February 03, 2021

AXISCADES and SOVAM to bring French excellence in Airport Ground Support Equipment to India

AXISCADES and SOVAM, leaders in Aerospace and Defence technologies, today announced signing of a...
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CEO interview with OEM Update Magazine, 25th September, 2020

Innovations in smart factory and Industry 4.0 solutions to rise in future

Manufacturing companies have always been trying to connect their processes and systems to make quick ...
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CEO interview with Motor India Magazine, 25th September, 2020

AXISCADES – Offering innovative, sustainable & safe engineering solutions

AXISCADES Engineering Technologies is a technology solutions company that offers engineering solutions and value-added services...
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Automotive products finder, May 2020

Tips for automakers to minimize COVID-19 impact

To mitigate COVID 19 challenge, automakers must try to strategies the operations to improve their resillience in the coming days and be prepared for the future, says...
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Upstate sc alliance announcments, June2, 2020

AXISCADES establishing operations in Greenville country

AXISCADES, an end-to-end engineering solutions and product company, today announced plans to establish operations in country. The company's new operations are projected...
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OEM UPDATE, May 2020

Aviation takes a new turn due to the current global crisis

Deglobalisation and reduction in product development are some of the major outcomes of the current halt of the aviation industry on account of COVID-19. Here is...
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Efficient Manufacturing, 12th May 2020

Mitigating risks associated with COVID-19 in manufacturing

The effect of the coronovirus pandemic are increasing by the minute. The virus has affected everything in our lives, workplace, homes and our communincation...
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OEM UPDATE, May 2020

The CNC industry is already adopting innovations in machining hardware and equipment

The global computer numerical control (CNC) machines market size was valued at $67.19 billion in 2019 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 7.3 percent from 2020 to 2027. The increasing...
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Defence Manufacturing, April 2020

Industry 4.0 and defence manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is a combination of latest technologies like digitisation, Big Data, analytics, IoT, Additive Manufacturing (AM), automation, simulation and Agmented Reality(AR)...
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CEO Talk, April 2020

5 Advancements that are Reshaping the Future of Avionics

Avionics is a category of electronics system and equipment which is designed specifically for in aviation. The avoinics installed in an aircraft / spacecraft consist of engine...
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Technical Articles, March 2020

How to Reduce Cabin Noise of an Automotive

The amount of noise entering an automotive cabin is one of the key factors decidding an occupant's comfort. with increased customer buying power, and strong...
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Technical Articles, March 2020

Top Trends In Automotive Engineering

The Automotive industry is going through a transformative phase with changes like technology innovative, personalised vehicle experience, green initiatives, etc...
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Management Interview, March 2020

"The future won't be one big revolution, it'll be an incremental evaluation"

...mentions David Bradly, Chairman, AXISCADES Engineering Technologies, in his conversation with anvittapillai. Giving a fresh perspective to the industry slowdown, Bradly speaks the growing...
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Defexpo Interview, March 2020

Aviation Update Special Interview with David Bradley

Aviation Update Special Correspondent for DefExpo Mr.Rohith Reddy Integrated with Mr.David Bradley who adds extensive value to AXISCADES in his role as Chairman through his...
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Automotive Products Finder

Indian suppliers can play a major role in EV segment

In the recent past, Government has come out with many stringent regulations like the new emission standards which prescribe the engine to be highly efficient and new crash-test...
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Technological trends in defence sector

Emerging technologies such as robotics and automation, artificial intelligence, mixed reality, blockchain and 3D printing are transforming ...
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Business Standard, 23rd January 2020

AXISCADES Engineering hits the roof after turnaround Q3 show

AXISCADES Engineering Technologies hit an upper-circuit limit of 20% to Rs 75.15 crore after reporting a net profit of Rs 8.03 crore in Q3 December...
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Automotive Products Finder, 20th January 2020

Road safety are we on the right path?

Though India accounts for just 2 per cent of automotives globally, it is responsible for more than 11 per cent of road traffic deaths.
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OEM Update Editorial, 9th January 2019

Reinstating the automotive sector with technology

Automotive industry leaders discuss the visible growth in the automotive industry along with reaping the benefits of the emerging industrial trends with latest technologies.
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Nantes Saint-Nazaire Développement, 12th November 2019

In response to the upturn in industrial activity, engineering firms.

AXISCADES has had a team of engineers posted at Airbus in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire since 2014 to handle...
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Business Standard, 17th December 2019

Airbus selects India based AXISCADES for fuselage, product development

The Bengaluru-based tech solution firm AXISCADES said on Tuesday it has been selected by Airbus to work on fuselage.
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Manufacturing Today, October 2019

Manufacturing Today Changing Dynamics Of Supply Chain

Manufacturing managers need to understand the demand forecasting and use the right technology to clock in demand.
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By Business Weekly, 9th October, 2019

Indiana delegation builds, reinforces ties with India, China

During the World Economic Forum’s India Economic Summit, the U.S.-India SME Council presented the 2019 Gandhi Global Leadership Award to Gov.
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By Business Standard, 5th October, 2019

Stability, revenue enhancement top target for tech firm AXISCADES in FY20

Interview of David Bradley, Chairman, AXISCADES
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By Devdiscourse, 4th October, 2019

FICCI organizes Indiana-India Business Meet to further strengthen trade relations

Mr. Eric J Holcomb, Governor of State of Indiana, USA yesterday stressed upon the need to further strengthen the existing India-US trade relations.
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By SME Times, 3rd October, 2019

Indiana invites India to explore business opportunities

Governor of State of Indiana, USA Eric J Holcomb on Wednesday stressed upon the need to further strengthen the existing India - US trade relations.
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By OEM Update Editorial, 23th September, 2019

Automating Pharma: For Accuracy and Precision

Ever since technology has opened ways for fundamental improvements in manufacturing, automation has been taking over the manual processes in the pharma industry.
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By OEM Update Editorial, 12th September, 2019

Automation leading & defending India to be a global force

Indian defence sector have acquired one of the top positions in the world. By going a few steps ahead and modernising design technology, production and manufacturing aspect, Indian defence sector.
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By OEM Update Editorial, 7th August, 2019

Industry 4.0, automation paving way for clearance for aviation manufacturing.

Sharadhi Babu shares his view on how Industry 4.0 expedites the whole customisation and design process to conceptualise and build futuristic aerospace solutions.
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ETAuto | August 07, 2019

Opinion: Smart Manufacturing will define future strength of enterprise and economy.

Smart manufacturing will define future strength of manufacturers and how the fourth industrial revolution will have it at its core, inviting new-age solutions across the value chain and a paradigm shift that will transform the process.
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By Moneycontrol, 5th August, 2019

AXISCADES Engg Consolidated June 2019 Net Sales at Rs 154.38 crore, up 25.9% Y-o-Y

Net Sales at Rs 154.38 crore in June 2019 up 25.9% from Rs. 122.62 crore in June 2018. Quarterly Net Profit at Rs. 0.94 crore in June 2019 up 111.91% from Rs. 7.93 crore in June 2018.
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By EIN Technology News 5th August, 2019

AXISCADES begins FY2020 on a Strong Note

AXISCADES Engineering Technologies Ltd., (AXISCADES), India's leading Product Engineering Solutions Company on Thursday August 1 announced the financial results for the first (1st) quarter Q1 of FY 2020.
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August, 2019

An interview with Automotive products finder magazine on electric vehicles.

In an interview with Automotive Products finder magazine, Sathyajith T.K, the Vice President of AXISCADES, talks about how electric vehicles will have a significantly lower overall part count as compared to vehicles.
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By OEM Update Editorial, 9th July 2019

AI and 3D Printing Predominating The Automotive Industry

The industry story focuses on how automobiles are early adopters of technology trends wherein industry experts discuss how AI and 3D Printing is causing waves of changes in the automotive industry.
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From Auto Tech review, 18th June 2019

Artificial Intelligence, Automation Transforming Automotive Sector

The article primarily focuses on the emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Automation that have shifted the narration from efficiency to innovation.
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Press Release, 1st June 2019

AXISCADES brings industry stalwart David Bradley on-board as Chairman

AXISCADES Engineering Technologies Ltd. today announced the appointment of Mr. David Bradley as Chairman.
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From the Economic Times, 13th May 2019

GST regime will challenge CFOs to redefine growth paradigm of cos: Kaushik Sarkar, CFO, AXISCADES

For companies in India, cash is king when it comes to financial management.
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Equity Bulls, 09th May 2019

AXISCADES rides strong on Tech Wave delivering robust results

AXISCADES has further ventured into AI, Machine Learning, IOT, Automation, Augmented Reality, Simulation and is investing in future.
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April 15, 2019

Digital Twin Has Become One Of The Biggest Developments In The World Of Technology

Anjan Kumar, Vice President, Sales, APAC & EU, AXISCADES shares his views on the Digital Twin Technology along with the benefits of using this technology in the manufacturing industry. Read on to know more.
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April 2019


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February 22, 2019

Aero India 2019: Indian-Slovakian JV in military simulation

Bangalore-based AXISCADES, with Slovakian company Virtual Reality Media (VRM), have announced a collaborative effort focused on the latter company's Level D full flight simulators at Aero India 2019.
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AXISCADES upgrades its digital offerings for Defence and Aviation

AXISCADES, a leading product engineering and high-technology solutions company, announced expansion of its current aerospace and defence solutions and services.
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February 21, 2019

AXISCADES Bolsters Its Defence and Aviation Digital Offerings

The company which had successfully implemented value-added engineering solutions to large, global OEM customers, now plans to make digitization and Industry 4.0 services.
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February 21, 2019

AXISCADES boosts its digital solutions for defence and aviation industry

AXISCADES has expanded its current aerospace and defence solutions and services by adding cutting-edge Industry 4.0 offerings to its portfolio.
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AXISCADES has established long term strategic relationship with Aerospace OEMs and Tier 1

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February 21, 2019

AXISCADES Offers Customised Depot Level Maintenance Services.

Bengaluru based AXISCADES, announced the setting up of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specific customised depot level maintenance services, at the ongoing Aero India air show.
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February 22, 2019

AXISCADES Engineering Technologies at Aero India 2019

Maj Gen Ravi Arora, Chief Editor IMR, speaks to Sharadhi Chandra Babu, CEO and Executive Director AXISCADES Engineering Technologies at Aero India 2019.
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February 21, 2019

MRO And Simulator Opportunities Will Be The Growth Drivers Of Indian Military

On the occasion of Aero India 2019, FICCI organised a technical session.
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February 21, 2019

'Indian industry must build MRO capability with reverse engineering'

Upgradation of Mi-17 helicopters holds huge opportunities, says Air Marshal Shera.
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February 23, 2019

Make-in-India orders fail to takeoff at India's biggest air show

The lack of progress in big Make in India projects has been a major pain point for private sector.
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February 21, 2019

VRM partners AXISCADES to develop Level D full flight simulator

Slovakia-based Virtual Reality Media (VRM) firm that deals in design, development and production of flight simulators and training systems has partnered with Bangalore.
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February 23, 2019

AXISCADES upgrades its digital offerings for Defence and Aviation

AXISCADES announces extended IoT, Additive Manufacturing, Simulation, Augmented Reality and Automation offerings to deliver on Digitization and Industry 4.0.
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AXISCADES and Altizon partner to deliver offerings for the 'Factory of the Future'

Partnership to focus on the Industry 4.0 needs of Aerospace, Automotive and Heavy Engineering space.
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AXISCADES joins Siemens' MindSphere partner ecosystem to deliver IIoT...

Partnership enables AXISCADES to strengthen their smart manufacturing offering and help solve digital transformation challenges across manufacturing enterprises.
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Bengaluru, November 22, 2018

AXISCADES opens its first 'Digital-Centre of Excellence' in Pune

Centre will focus on Industrial IOT, Augmented Reality, AI / ML, Product Lifecycle Management and Manufacturing Execution Systems initiatives.
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Hyderabad, 20th June 2018

AXISCADES and Assystem inaugurate joint venture company in India...

Assystem and AXISCADES formalize their agreement and inaugurate joint venture company in India.
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Chennai, 12th April 2018

AXISCADES and AERACCESS to bring French excellence in UAV to India

AXISCADES and AERACCESS today announced signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) at DefExpo2018.
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Chennai, 11th April 2018

AXISCADES signs Industrial Cooperation Agreement with French company

AXISCADES and SIDES today announced signing of an Industrial Cooperation Agreement (ICA), at DefExpo 2018 in Chennai.
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Bengaluru, 12th December 2017

AXISCADES announced appointment of Mritunjay Singh as CEO and Executive Director

AXISCADES announced today that its Board of Directors has appointed Mritunjay Singh as the Chief Executive Officer.
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Bengaluru, 6th November 2017

AXISCADES to acquire Mistral Solutions

AXISCADES, India's leading Product Engineering Solutions Company, today announced the acquisition of Mistral.
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Bengaluru, 2nd November 2017

AXISCADES to setup its North American Head Quarters in Indiana

AXISCADES, hosted Eric J. Holcomb, Governor of Indiana State, US, and announced its plan to set up.
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Bengaluru, 31st May 2017

AXISCADES and ASSYSTEM agree to form a Joint Venture company to enhance

Assystem Energy & Infrastructure and AXISCADES Engineering Technologies Ltd. signed a Memorandum of Understanding
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Villepinte/Bengaluru, 14th February 2017

AXISCADES and French Company, DRONE VOLT to jointly work in drone field

AXISCADES and DRONE VOLT today announced signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) at Aero India
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Amsterdam/Bengaluru, 14th February 2017

AXISCADES and Dutch Company, E2M Technologies B.V. to collaborate for

AXISCADES and Dutch company E2M Technologies B.V. today announced signing a Memorandum of Understanding
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Bengaluru, 15th February 2017

AXISCADES to partner with Slovakian company, Virtual Reality Media on full

AXISCADES, leaders in Aerospace and Defence technologies, and Slovakian company Virtual Reality Media (VRM)
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Bengaluru, 8th December 2016

AXISCADES Engineering Technologies Ltd. Completes acquisition of AXISCADES

The acquisition was carried out through a Scheme of Amalgamation of the holding company of ACATL
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Bengaluru, 1st December 2016

AXISCADES fortifies their leadership position in Aerospace Engineering

Airbus has signed a strategic agreement with AXISCADES to provide a range of critical engineering services
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Bengaluru, 10th August 2016

AXISCADES posts Q1 FY17 Results

Operating Revenues grew 15% YoY, Maintains QoQ Revenue
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Bengaluru, 30th May 2016

AXISCADES posts Q4 & FY16 Results

Posts impressive PAT growth of 47% in FY16
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Chabeuil/Goa, 29 March 2016

AXISCADES and French Company, Vignal Artru Industries Sign MoU for

AXISCADES Aerospace & Technologies Private Ltd (ACAT) and Vignal Artru Industries (VAI) today announced signing
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Bengaluru, 28th March 2016

AXISCADES wins Aircraft Recognition Trainer Systems Contract from Ministry of Defence, GOI

AXISCADES Aerospace & Technologies Private Limited (ACAT) has won and signed a contract with Ministry of Defense
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Bengaluru, 6th November 2015

AXISCADES posts healthy growth: Revenues up 21% YoY in Q2 FY16

Posts Revenue at INR 957 Million; increase by 21% YoY and 11% QoQ
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Hyderabad, 24th September 2015

AXISCADES strengthens their Energy Segment portfolio; inaugurates ODC

AXISCADES, today announced the inauguration of Engineering Offshore Development Centre for SIEMENS WIND POWER
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August 14, 2015

AXISCADES Engineering Technologies to Acquire Technology Company in Aerospace & Defence Sector.

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Bangalore, February 2015

AXISCADES Engineering Technologies Limited and ASSYSTEM announce a strategic

AXISCADES Engineering Technologies Limited and ASSYSTEM announce at Aero India 2015 the signature
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AXISCADES appoints Dr Vivek Mansingh as Chairman, strengthens its leadership team.

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Toulouse, April 2014

AXISCADES Awarded E2S Certification.

AXISCADES (formerly CADES) has been reselected as Airbus E2S partner effective April 2014.
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Bangalore, 20th Nov 2013

Airbus Group Visit to AXISCADES

Airbus Group management team visited AXISCADES facility in bangalore and had a key interacting with our
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Bangalore, 7th Feb, 2013

CADES & STUDEC to form Strategic Partnership

As per the strategic partnership agreement, CADES proposes to acquire a majority stake in STUDEC France's
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Toulouse, 17th Dec, 2012

CADES sets up nearshore Engineering Center in Toulouse, France

As per the strategic partnership agreement, CADES proposes to acquire a majority stake in STUDEC
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Toulouse, 12th May, 2011

Airbus Group Visit to AXISCADES

CADES (an AAT group company), a leading Engineering services company has added another feather in their
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