Core Services


Production tooling
Aero structural tooling
Aero Engine tooling
Composite tooling
SPM design


3,4,5 axis programming
Vericut simulation
Post processing
Tool path simulation
Prove out


Production plant
Assembly plant
Process shop
Automated Assembly line


Part process planning
Assembly process planning
Ergonomic Modeling – Assembly operations
Floor planning
Shop Floor simulations


Non-Conformance Engineering
Support at client site
Jig setting and FAI
Manufacturing through supply chain
Rapid Prototyping and Casting/Fabrication/Forging


Group Level Audit / Reviews

Find design level issues
Parts misalignment
Parts interference
Missing parts
Missing holes
Missing blocks / boses
Wrong part no’s
Wrong part name’s

Tooling Validation

Validate assembly points with right tools virtually
Find out assembly challenges at early state
Request for design changes if need
Easy to make design changes at this stage
Helps maintaining tooling ready available for production

Create MBOM

Create virtual MBOM sequence
Find out optimum assembly process sequence
Easy to add optional attachments along with Standard machine
Easy to make changes on need basis

Validate Assembly Sequence

Validate virtual MBOM for tooling reachability
Find our Assembler Ergonomics
Find out sequencing issues and suggest solutions
Change or modify sequence for optimum assembly process


Virtually validate machine for service issue
Assembler ergonomics
Assembler reach study
Study and maintain required tooling's for service
Creating service manuals

Process Simulation Animations

Create virtual layout walkthrough for high level presentation
Assembler training videos
Equipment simulation videos
Fixture functionality videos

Assembly Process Planning

VBOM Creation

Creation of Virtual Process flow
Create sub assembly flow
Create main line flow
Create attachments

Process Validation

Validate Flow
Validate process changes
Validate tooling

Torque Audit

Conduct torque audit for every assembly point
Capture torque mismatches
Create new torque report
Update standard toques

SWES Creation

Creation of standard operation procedure
Visual based instruction
Assembly information
Parts information
Toque information

FMEA Control Plans

Failure mode effect analysis
Control Plans
Failure mode measures
Process control charts

In Process Validation

In Process Validation (IPV)
Built in Quality (BIQ)
Station wise QC check

IP Process Flow Chats

Value stream mapping
Value stream flow
Create flow charts
Sub assembly flow
Main line flow charts

3D Digital Factory
Development & Validation

Systematic Layout Planning

Concept Floor space requirement
Capacity Planning Calculations, Process flow, Logistics Plan.
Overall Site Plan Overall Budgeting calculations & funding results.

Design of Concept Layout

Develop and Validate the Site plan with space requirements
Detailed study of Process, Fixtures
Perform Detailed capacity calculations

Design of Detailed layout

Detail Assembly Layout
Optimize the Layout
Design Fabrication Layout
Develop detailed layout for Tool room

Detailed Layout Validations

Validate and provide solution options for Sub assembly, Main line, Fabrication, etc…
Validate layout with all potential issues like, interference, reachability

Facility & Accessories Modelling

Develop 3D Layout from concept 2D layout
2D Layout from concept Layout or 3D JT layout

Animation Creation

Create virtual layout walkthrough for high level presentation
Fixture functionality videos

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