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  • automotive engineeringStrong pedigree in product design and manufacturing engineering solutions
  • automotive engineeringAR, VR, AI, ML capabilities that will help you be the leader in Industry 4.0 adoption
  • automotive engineeringPreferred partner for EU and NA Auto OEMs in Commercial vehicles, Trucks, Buses, Cars & SUVs
  • automotive engineeringA wide array of Engineering Solutions expertise in BIW/CIW, Chassis, Powertrain, Interiors, Plastics, Localization, Prototyping, SCM, Body control & display electronics, Advanced Driver Assistance, Telematics and Infotainment, Active and Passive safety systems, and After-market solutions like TPM

Vehicle Engineering: System and Subsystem Experience

automotive engineering solutions
vehicle system and subsystem experience

Interiors & Seating

Instrument Panel | Seat | Trims | | Glove Box | Air Vents | Consoles | | HVAC | Headliners | Steering Controls



BIW | Bumpers | Doors and Closures | Mirrors | Spoilers | Fenders | Bonnet, Boot Lid, Tank Cover Module | Roof
System | Grills | Pillars | Lighting | Lift Gates


Engine System | Powertrain | Clutch

Pipes | Manifold | Header / Turbo-back | Catalytic Converter | Tailpipe and Exhaust | Cooling Systems


Steering | Suspension

Manual & Power Steering | | Suspension Analysis | | Stability & NVH


Chassis | Axle | Brake

Ladder Type Chassis | Monocoque | | Power & Driven Axle | Disc & Drum Brake Packaging

Product Design and Definition

Product Design

Concept Design
Class – A / B Surfacing
Ergonomic Studies
Gap Coordination
Manufacturability Analysis
C2P Projects

Design Verification

Meshing Strategies
Static & Modal Analysis
Fatigue & Fracture Analysis
Thermal Analysis
Non Linear Analysis Optimization
Acoustics & NVH
Crash Analysis / Rollover
Multi-body Dynamics

Product Development

VA &VE Studies
Tolerance Stacking
Dimensional Management
Strategic Sourcing
Supplier Chain Management
Cost Analysis

Design Support

Legacy Conversion
3D Modeling
DMU Creation
Detailing & Layout
Reverse Engineering
Engineering Change Management
Durability and Warranty Study

Prototype Development Capability

automotive product design
Supplier Ecosystem
  • Pattern & Tool Development
  • Foundry Sources
  • Heavy Machining
  • Fabrication & Assembly
  • Precision Machining
  • Tube Manufacturers
  • Rapid Prototype Parts
  • Wiring Harness
  • Surface Treatment & Protection
  • Plastic Parts
  • Rubber Parts
  • Painting & Packaging
  • Certification Material, NDT services
Engine, Transmission, Powertrain & Drivetrain Components
3 Years into Prototype Development Service
18+ Tons of Castings Developed as Prototypes
Project based approach with back end support

3D Digital Factory Development and Validation

Systematic Layout Planning

Concept Floor space requirement
Capacity Planning Calculations, Process flow, Logistics Plan.
Overall Site Plan Overall Budgeting calculations & funding results.

Design of Concept Layout

Develop and Validate the Site plan with space requirements
Detailed study of Process, Fixtures, Perform Detailed capacity calculations

Design of Detailed Layout

Detail Assembly Layout
Optimize the Layout
Design Fabrication Layout
Develop detailed layout for Tool room

Animation Creation

Create virtual layout walkthrough for high level presentation
Fixture functionality videos

Facilities & Accessories Modelling

Develop 3D Layout from concept 2D layout
2D Layout from concept Layout or 3D JT layout

Detailed Layout Validations

Validate and provide solution options for Sub assembly, Main line, Fabrication, etc.
Validate layout with all potential issues like, interference, reachability

Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality

automotive reverse engineering

3D Point Cloud
(from scans)

automotive manufacturability analysis

CAD models

vehicle system and subsystem experience

3D Interactive
Training Courses

automotive concept design

Descriptive & Animated
Instructions & Manuals

automotive design support


vehicle engineering


automotive engineering

Mobile Phone

automotive engineering solutions


automotive interiors design

Manufacturing Engineering Services

Virtual Design Validation

BOM/Negative Build

Process & Plant layout

Virtual Build
Station Design
Cycle Time

Process Documentation

Visual Aids

Quality Documentation

Process Flow
Control Plan

Tooling & Fixture Design

Milling & Drilling Fixture
BIW Welding Fixture
Strength & Operational Analysis

CNC & CMM Programming

4 Axis Milling Machine
Turning Center Machine
Offline Programing
CMM Programming

Other Services

Prototype Development
Supplier Chain Management
Should Costing
Strategic Sourcing
Alternate Source Development

Engineering Analysis/CAE


Modal Analysis
Non Linear
Creep / Plasticity

Fatigue & Reliability

Life Extension Studies
Crack Growth & Propagation Studies
Damage Tolerance
Fatigue Life Estimation
Fatigue, Fracture and Failure Analysis
Buckling Analysis

Dynamic Analysis

Normal Modes
Frequency Response
Transient Response
Point Mobility
PSD (Random) Analysis

Multi-Body Dynamics

Ride Quality And Comfort Analysis
Driver Seat Vibrations
ISO Lane Changing
Full Vehicle Test Track Simulations

Manufacturing Simulation

Stamping Simulation
Casting Simulation
Roll Forming Simulation
Injection Moulding Simulation

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Thermal Simulation
Combustion Simulation
Exhaust Gas After Treatment
Transient Simulations
Internal Flows
Engine Cooling

NVH Analysis

Static Bending and Torsion
Normal Modal Analysis
Modal Frequency / Time Response
Structure Acoustic Coupling
Ride and Handling
Noise Path and Source Identification
Panel Contribution Studies and Modifications

Durability Analysis

Inertia Relief
Transient Response
Life Estimation
Component Studies
Full Vehicle Studies
Four Post Test Rig Simulations
Spot Weld Failures Prediction

Impact and Safety Analysis

Frontal (W/WO Dummy, Offset, Flat, Deformable, etc.)
Side Impact (W/WO Dummy)
Roof Crush (Static/Dynamic)
Rear Impact
Pedestrian Safety


Forward / Side / Rear
Pedestrian Safety
Occupant Safety
Airbag/Seat Belts/Seat

Cost Optimization Capabilities

Value Analysis and Value Engineering Offerings

  • automotive manufacturability analysis  Benchmarking Studies
  • automotive manufacturability analysis  Cost to Worth Analysis
  • automotive manufacturability analysis  Product Optimization
  • automotive manufacturability analysis  Design for Manufacturability
  • automotive manufacturability analysis  Component Engineering
  • automotive manufacturability analysis  Weight Optimization
  • automotive manufacturability analysis  Cost Saving
  • automotive manufacturability analysis  Functional Analysis
  • automotive manufacturability analysis  Competitive Analysis

Should Costing Capabilities

  • automotive interiors design  Should Costing team with 12+ years of experience
  • automotive interiors design  Team with rich industrial experience, supported by SME’s
  • automotive interiors design  Expertise in
    • automotive design support  Machined parts (Steel, Castings, Forgings and Welded assemblies)
    • automotive design support  Sheet metal parts (Burn to Shape and Bent parts)
    • automotive design support  Welded assemblies (Big Structural assemblies, Support Brackets, Chassis Members, Lower Powertrain parts)
    • automotive design support  Tube assemblies (Bending and Tube welding)
    • automotive design support  Casting, Forging and Plastic Parts
  • Should Costing Tools:
  • automotive design support  Costimator
  • automotive design support  aPriori
  • automotive design support  Excel Templates

Embedded Solutions

System Engineering

Concept Development
Model Based Engineering
Diagnostics Standards
System Integration

Middleware & Applications

Media Frameworks
iOS / Android Apps
OpenGL / Qt / GTK / .NET
Cloud and Web Apps

Complex Hw-Sw Design

Small footprint & low power
Wireless, Mixed signal and High-speed Digital Audio and Video

3rd Party Sw Integration

Audio / Video Codecs
Wireless/BT stacks

Electrical Cad Services

Library Management
PCB Layout and Design
Signal Integrity and Thermal
DFM / DFT & Manufacturing

Quality Assurance (T&v)

Test Instrumentation
Independent Review
Unit Testing
Hardware-Software Integration
- System Testing

Value Added Services

Product Prototyping
Production Co-ordination
Product Lifecycle Support

Technical Publication

automotive design support
Documentary Engineering
  • automotive concept designConsulting
  • automotive concept designProduction (Authoring, illustration)
  • automotive concept designDescriptive & Interactive operational and maintenance documentation
  • automotive concept designAeronautical, military, and railway standards and more…
  • automotive concept designManagement of data assets
Translation & Interpreting
  • automotive concept designTechnical (Aviation, naval, automobile, etc.)
  • automotive concept designLegal (Patents)
  • automotive concept designCommercial (Research reports, specifications, etc.)
  • automotive concept designCommunication
Integrated Logistics Support
  • automotive concept designLocating non-conformities
  • automotive concept designDigital simulations
  • automotive concept designLogistics solutions
  • automotive concept designObsolescence management
Industrial Design
  • automotive concept designMechanical design
  • automotive concept designDigital simulation
  • automotive concept designMaintenance studies
  • automotive concept designRepairs
Software Solutions
  • automotive concept designDocument publishing systems
  • automotive concept designSkills management tool
  • automotive concept designSoftware workshop
Change Management
  • automotive concept designTraining plans
  • automotive concept designCourse material: PPT, 3D, SCORM
  • automotive concept designOnline help
  • automotive concept designSoftware solutions: LMS, Virtual school

Vehicle Electronics Subsystem

vehicle system and subsystem experience

Active Safety & Driver Assistance

Perception Infrastructure Advanced Driver Assistance LiDAR / Radar / Camera (measurement data management and analysis, tests and integration)


Passive Safety Systems

Airbags & Seat belts


Chassis Electronics

Steering Systems | Slip Controls | ABS and ESP, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) | Traction Controls



ECUs/TCUs | Electric Drive | Electric Traction Motors | Sensors / Actuators


Body / Control / Display Electronics

Body BCM, RKE, Immobilizers, TPMS, Comfort Control Units. Driver Information System/Roof Modules Programmable Instruments


Instrument Cluster


Infotainment & Telematics

Apps | Telephony | Connectivity (Bluetooth, WLAN, USB) | Online services / In-car Internet | Navigation | Audio/ Video/Head Units | Voice Control | HMI Validation | Gesture Control System | Fleet Management | Off- Board Systems

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vehicle system and subsystem experience

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Additional Reading and Resources

automotive engineering solutions

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